Moving forward in to the summer, I recently leased my CIC* horse, Admiralty aka Ripley (The Ripster as he is known by his field mates), to my student/right hand kiddo, Kayley Hildebrand for her to learn the ropes on and nothing makes my heart swell with pride like watching that pair go out and rock together. They are forming a partnership that will unbeatable soon enough. It took a bit for them at first to get on the same page. Ripley was unsure about making mistakes, but he has soon caught on, they aren’t big mistakes and if he does it- he is greatly rewarded. Kayley is learning valuable lessons on how to ride a “real” horse and be a pilot and not a passenger. They have won 2 events so far this season and are looking to move up to BN soon, which they are more than ready to bring home another blue. My other students have been out and about earning ribbons and accolades as well. Holly Covey, has taken her own, Hamish and moved him up to training level recently and won her first event and was 3rd at the second event this past weekend at Fair Hill. While she may contest and say that she has SO much to work on, I couldn’t be happier for her. She works hard, she volunteers her butt off for Area 2 and rides AND works full time.  Alison Davis, who started riding with me through Pony Club, has also started to step up and has been travelling along to shows with us more and more with her pony Theo and has been reaching goals of jumping fluidly and really pushing herself this summer and I hope to get her to her first event this fall! Samantha Merrell, my other right hand (left hand?) kiddo, has also stepped up to the plate, she isn’t showing this season but has started to ride one of our resident horses on the Farm, Blue. Let me tell you, Blue is big, and not so easy. She just keeps chipping away at learning how to ride him and its really starting to pay off. Dawn Willey, business partner ( and hand holder, butt kicker, etc etc) has really formed a partnership with my former Upper Level mount, Falko and are looking to SJ this fall and are really enjoying each other and trusting their partnership more and more. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone, not just the ones mentioned above, for really digging in this summer season and reaching out and achieving their goals. Good job team!

We have also sold Jessica Redman Gimme Five (Socks), owned by Jessica Redman to a great girl in Annapolis area as a jumper. And I am currently riding sale horses of Benchmark Sporthorses as well, and enjoying every minute of it. It is fun to ride the babies and remember that sometimes, you just have to kick on! We are gearing up for the Fall season, I am legging up Bramwell, owned by Jessica Redman, to go Training level soon as well as a few students also moving up, so keep your eyes peeled for an update as the season progresses! We also have a few sale horses coming in, so stay tuned!

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